Training Facilities for rent

We accept advanced booking for training, workshops, programs and seminars from educational and socially aware individuals and organisations.  The training centre is available for a) regular classes, b) half or full day usage.  We are enthusiastic, flexible and affordable.  Please contact us for more details. 


Training Center Amenities:

  1. Training room approx. 1500 sq. feet with washroom.

  2. Anteroom 80 sq. feet with toilet for trainer.

  3. Extra Waiting lounge 150 sq. feet with extra toilet.

  4. Entire area covered by air conditioners and CCTV.

  5. Sit down training capacity.

    • Classroom style- 26/ 28 persons.

    • Workshop style- 24 persons.

    • Conference style- 24 persons.

    • Theatre style- 34 persons.

    • Yoga/Dance/Meditations- 20 persons.

  6. Projector- High resolution, (Lumen 5000+)

  7. Sound system with wireless body and hand mic. (Mono PA system)

  8. Entire training room has sound absorption capacity.

  9. A large meditative garden 1500 sq. feet for outdoor activity with an alcove.

  10. Entire area is covered with CCTV for safety.

  11. Group 4 guards are on duty 24 hours.