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Innerglo Training provides workshops and training programs to enhance and develop your communication and leadership skills. We offer a unique portfolio of high impact trainings in the following areas :

Business and Social Etiquette

Knowing and observing the correct business social etiquette is a skill you simply must perfect if you are serious about developing your career. Learn the essential skills that will enable you to be a confident representative of your brand or organisation.

English Communication

Our course enhances verbal communication skills, improving the quality and effectiveness of spoken English. People with Bengali-medium education will benefit from learning to speak and communicate clearly through English. We aim to remove all inhibitions in people who may know English, but lack the confidence to speak it in public.

Soft Skills Training

We work with you to improve your emotional intelligence, to better understand and have sustainable relationships where there is mutual gain. Combined with your classroom education, soft skill training leaves no doubts in your mind about unleashing the confidence within you. We guide you to improve your :

Email and Telephone Etiquette

Meeting-Room Manners

Meet and Greet Skills


Dining Etiquette

Washroom Etiquette

Business Communication

Our course focuses on providing simple rules and procedures that help you to unblock yourself, leading the way to effective business communication. Alongside teaching oral communication, we talk you through the basics of written communication for both formal and informal needs.

Email and Telephone Etiquette

Achieve clarity and impact in all your forms of communication by learning our simple rules and techniques of email and telephone etiquette. We will usher you to build confidence and be yourself when dealing with clients, colleagues and senior management alike.

Body Language

First impressions are of utmost importance. Correct body language in the work environment determines how people behave around you. Learn and develop correct body language and build the confidence to drive your career to the top.

Leadership Development

Build distinctive communication skills that will help shape your leadership style and presence. Using your own personality and our simple techniques, deliver compelling messages and build those relationships that will further your career.Our programs are conducted with individual need in mind, focusing primarily on the art of communication and it’s impact on audience.

Understanding Mind, Body and Spirit

Our programs will unblock your negative thoughts and open up channels for creative thinking. We will equip you with the necessary means to be a happier and more fulfilled person. Classes are conducted in a friendly and open manner, so that you may be able to release your higher self and be an energetic person full of spirit and positivity.

Anxiety and Time Management

We experience stress and anxiety regularly. This can be overcome with a clearer understanding of how the brain functions.  We work together to understand the reasons why we procrastinate and how to manage time in the most effective way. We help you with tools that can turn anxiety into strength.

Active Yoga and Correct Breathing

Correct breathing brings positive energy to our nervous system, heart, the digestive system, muscles, sleep, concentration, memory and much more.. Along with learning a correct breathing system we teach systematic movement of every part of the body. Very simple rhythmic hand and body movement at the sound of music are conducted to raise energy levels in your body.

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